Thursday, 16 August 2012

Natural ways to induce labor. Advantages of sex at the end of pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is difficult but it has its advantages
I decided to write an article about a subject which most people don't like to discuss about: Sex, especially oral sex to induce birth.

I guess most of you know that sex is recommended as a natural way to induce birth. If you are over the due date, your midwife might have recommended to have sex with your partner to bring the baby out, in addition to acupressure and pregnancy tee. What she might not have told you is that oral sex is the best way to do that (probably because it is quite embarrassing).

Here is the reason why:The hormones prostaglandins are found in semen and are responsible for ripening the cervix and inducing labor. It is more effective while taken orally than applied from down. This is the reason if you have not yet got enough contractions to bring the baby out, doctors prescribe oral prostaglandin tablet. Prostaglandin is also applied manually from down, but it is more effective if taken orally.Many women complains that semen tastes horrible. To make it taste better, ask your partner to drink a lot of juice. If you like to read more how to make semen taste better read this

Caution: oral sexual act to avoid during pregnancy is blowing air into the vagina which can develop air embolus,that can travel to the lung and have potentially fatal consequences.

Benefit of normal sex: Have sex for the sake of having it doesn't help much. It is the organsm that helps. The orgasm that occurs with sex releases a hormone oxytocin, which promotes uterine contractions. Take time for foreplay and sex. This is very important if you want to use sex as a therapy. Spent atleast an hour.

What else are very effective?Caution: These methods will have serious consequences if you or your partner have multiple sexual relations, which may cause HIV and other diseases.

Have patience during sex and for sex induced pregnancy. It will take atleast 48 hrs for the strong contractions to start after a long sex.

Sex position during late pregnancy:Man on top, not good. just not convenient. Intercourse from behind or side-to-side (spooning) is recommended. Another position that helps is, you laying on the back with legs up in the side of the bed. Your partner could stand on the side. This is a very convenient position as he don't need to touch the stomach.

What else?

1. There are special tee to induce labor. Ask your midwife or search in internet
2. Massage: Ask your partner to massage you with oil from top to bottom. This is to make you relaxed. It is recommended that your partner does this rather than a therapist as there are lots of psychological aspects going on in the body that helps during massage.
3. Acupressure.
4. Climbing stairs: Try this only if you are over the due date, other wise water will get broken and not enough contractions. The ideal time to try this is when you have contractions every 10 minutes.