Monday, 27 August 2012

Managing a trouble making toddler - part1

Our elder one is the best child in her kindergarden but she is a real trouble maker at home. Sometimes she really makes you crazy. For instance, she will cry for long time to get juice in bed. When you decide to give her juice in a cup, she will take the cup and pour it on her bed. Or imagine, you bought her an expensive book. She takes it to her room and after some time you can hear someone tearing papers from her room - she has torn her whole book into its pages.
source: lizl.wordpress
Managing naughty kids is not easy

Ok, I hope u got an idea about the child. Now we have created a strategy to control this child and it works. Now she is a great child and things are in control.

In my nest post, I will write our strategies. Till then good bye.

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