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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Water Therapy to control angry toddler

In order to control our naughty child we used a child therapy called water therapy. It is very effective. He has changed a lot.
When the child is very naughty, say for instance pouring drinking water all over the table, even after you told "NO", you have to apply this therapy. A  two- three year child is NOT mature enough to understand what is allowed and what is not. If he/she is not able to listen to the parents, he needs some sort of  therapy for self- control. Some parents think, the best way to teach a child is by explaining to the child, patiently. The 2-3 year old is not old enough to rationally think and understand.  For instance, if the child touches something hot, he will get burned. The next time, you don't need to tell him that it will get burned if he touches it, he knows it by experience. Imagine, u explained to him that he will get burned if he touches the hot plate. He will hardly understand what you meant.

How water therapy works:

1. Imagine the child is naughty, did something which you told not to do. Say for instance, pour drinking water all over the dining table.

2. Take 3 tea-spoon water in a glass immediately and pout it on the face of the child (We usually have it always ready to use).

3. This is very important that you does this immidiatly after he is naughty, so that he understands that if he is pours water on the table mom/dad will pour water on him.

4.  He will cry.

5. Let him cry for 3 minutes peacefully. During this time you have to maintain your seriousness.

6. After 3 minutes, hug him and explain to him that it is wrong to pour water on table and if he does so, table will be so dirty, bla..bla.. bla..

7. If he is angry to you and keep crying, let him do it for couple of minutes more.

8. Again go to him to console him. If he is again angry, just ignore him and again go to him after 5 minutes.

9. After a couple of weeks he will start telling you not to pour water on table. "Mummy, NO, NO". He will be a completely new child.

For my toddler, this therapy is working very well. If you have questions, leave a message in the comments section at the end of this post.